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NO. We already give a 5 day grace period before charging late fees as rent is due on the 1st. The only case in which we’d remove a late fee is if the resident paid rent on time, however due to a processing error it was not applied in time, and the resident can prove that he/she paid rent before 12:01 am on the 6th.

Residents will receive their invoices via email. The manager can look up and give a copy of any resident’s current invoice. Once you sign up for Tenant Web Access you can view your current balance there.

Management can tell you what you owe and email you a copy of the bill.

We accept rent four ways – (1) online through ACH–using checking or savings account (free), (2) credit card, (3.5% convenience fee, charged by payment processor), (3) debit card ($5.95 processing fee, charged by payment processor), and (4) Zego CashPay ($4 flat processing fee, charged by processor) with your Zego account ID at any Walmart or other local stores. We DO NOT accept cash, checks, or money orders.

Park Management is not authorized to provide the owner’s contact information. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email the management company and they will pass on the information.

We do not prohibit roommates, however all prospective residents must apply on our website and be approved prior to moving in. Allowing an unauthorized resident to reside in the community without prior approval will result in eviction for all residents inside the home.

We do not modify leases while they are in effect. Upon renewal, and subject to verification of sufficient income and good rental history, we may modify the lease to reflect the current occupancy status. Please bear in mind that all parties named on the lease are jointly and severally liable for rent payment and abiding by its terms. We will not selectively evict any current resident, if you need to evict your roommate who is not on the lease, you must take civil action against that person directly.

You must get prior written Management approval if you would like to sublet your home. If you’ve received approval, any prospective resident must first apply through our website. The homeowner must continue to pay lot rent directly to the Park, and the lot lease will continue to be with the homeowner.

Are all fixtures backed up? If the blockage is above the ground or caused by wipes, diapers, or any other item that may not be flushed, it is the resident’s responsibility to clear. If below ground, the park is responsible for clearing the blockage. If it is discovered the blockage occurred because items that should not be flushed were flushed by the resident, they will be charged. (women’s hygiene products, grease, paper towels, etc…)

A home’s water lines are the resident’s responsibility. A plumber or handyman can be called by the resident to thaw out lines and check heat tape. The park does not get involved. The park also doesn’t get involved in any issues with the home’s plumbing. The resident has a duty to ensure there is no raw sewage seeping on the ground or any water or sewer leaking which causes a hazard.

We encourage everyone to apply. Your application will be evaluated based on the totality of the circumstances. However, we do not allow applicants with recent evictions, recent violent felony convictions, or sex offenders. We are primarily concerned with a resident’s ability and willingness to pay rent and be a good member of the community. We are an equal opportunity housing provider.

We allow pets subject to number and vicious animal restrictions, and we require a pet screening as part of our application process.

Intact, functional skirting is required by state law and our community rules. Also, we expect all residents to maintain the exterior of their homes in a safe and well maintained manner–be a good neighbor! And yes, we can do that. Anyone who does not comply may be subject to violation notices, billing for work done, and eviction per our community rules.

Management cannot solve neighborly disputes (by law). Residents are expected to work things out like adults among themselves. The only time management is authorized to get involved is if there is a park rule being broken.

No. Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, all paperwork is distributed and signed electronically via email.

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